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In the beginning God said, “Let there be light”.  Light is truth and light reveals.   Darkness can only be created by the removal of light!  Light illuminates the world around us to reveal the beauty of creation or the grittiness of reality.  Photography has captured both.

My name Dayn Larz Cederstrom.  I am an engineer, a pastor and a photographer.   God has blessed me with  life and with ‘new life’ through His son, Jesus Christ!    Thank you for visiting my site.  I hope you enjoy the photographs I share with you here.  

God bless!

The science of light is fascinating.  It behaves like a ray, reflecting off a mirror, refracting through glass or water, and scattering on an opaque surface.  The structure of light is waves and particles, hence the ‘Particle -Wave’ theory of light; waves with frequencies and particles of photons, giving light its unique characteristic. Light waves have a continuous variety of sizes, frequencies and energies, a continuum (radio to gamma rays) known as the electromagnetic spectrum.  In the middle of this spectrum is visible light (the Optical Spectrum), or white light, which can be defused into pure spectral colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet).  Or  simply stated, it is the light we can see!

It is this visible light that gives photographers our art.  The word photography means to write or paint with light.  By use of either chemical or electronic means, a photographer is able to capture a moment in time.   That moment, whether natural or artificial, is created by light!


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